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A God Somewhere – Ending Soon

What we are looking for with Fast Fiction

  1. We are looking for entertaining, weird, and grimdark short stories that take place in the fictional universe of Warhammer 40,000. Science-fantasy, horror, military, crime, dark comedy, and romance stories are all accepted.
  2. Stories must have a clear connection to the Fast Fiction theme as told through the environment, characters, or conflict. Subtext is great, but if we can’t see the connection it won’t be chosen.
  3. Be efficient with your writing as the maximum word count in Fast Fiction is 1,000 words. Economy of language is part of the challenge. 
  4. We prefer original characters with unique personalities. We want to see distinct characters that grow and change through the story. 
  5. Don’t just slap it together. Make sure to review your submission for grammar and spelling. 
  6. Be creative! We appreciate the road less travelled, so take risks and grab our attention with a unique hook.