Warhammer Fast Fiction

Ask Yourself – Was It Worth It?

The goal has been achieved. The desire has been fulfilled. Now what?

Was It Worth It? encourages writers to unpack the themes of morality, sacrifice, and the ‘unhappily ever after’ of Warhammer 40,000. Explore what sins have been committed (or are actively being committed) and discover the personal aftermath of them.

What is Fast Fiction?
Fast Fiction is a writing competition of 1 theme. 1,000 words. 1 winner.

Fast Fiction is a bi-monthly contest with a limited word count. In this contest stories are submitted according to a judge-selected theme. Stories must capture the reader’s attention quickly while fulfilling the promise of the theme, setting, and character development.

How do I enter the contest?
For more information on this month’s contest, and to read the submissions guidelines, head over to https://www.coldopenstories.com/fiction/writing-submissions/fast-fiction-contests/

Who is judging?
In addition to our editorial team from Cold Open Stories, each Fast Fiction features a judge from the Warhammer community.

Best wishes to everyone who enters, happy holidays, and happy writing!

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