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Casting Call: Agtrill – The Counterfeit Blade

Summary: On a savage jungle world, the Bonesinger Benneruin and her warrior companion Gontelar survey a seawall interwoven with wraithbone and volcanic stone. The structure is eternal, silent, and as the pair enter it to collect a legendary prize, their journey begins to cross time and space with the mythic War in Heaven.

Written by Colyn DeGraaff. Original audio drama score composed by Robert Renato Hack.

Deadline to audition is April 30, 2020 at 11:59pm MST

Looking for inspiration and a better idea of this story’s tone? Click here for the Warhammer: Dawn of War 3 Trailer!

COLD OPEN STORIES produces self-contained short fan audio dramas set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe featuring various characters from different apocalyptic sectors of space. 

Each “episode” is meant to be digested on an average commute, averaging 30-45 minutes.

Please ensure that your microphone is capable of recording your performance without picking up overwhelming background noises or excessive peaking/clipping. 

Once cast, performers are expected to return their lines within 3 weeks. Roles may contain swearing and shouting in some capacity. If you cannot commit to the needs of a given role please do not audition.

New voice acting? Check out our Voice Acting Guides to get started and learn a little more about what we’re looking for.

Aeldari (Protagonists)

What are the Aeldari? [Click here]
The Present

Benneruin [Female] – An Asuryani Artisan/Bonesinger from the craftworld of Ulthwe. Well-versed in bonesinging and construction, she seeks to find a master-crafted weapon to pull her race from the jaws of entropy. She has an assured, melancholic, demeanour close friendship with Gontelar, and privately fears for both their sakes. A younger Asuryani, she thinks of her people’s Mythic Cycle as a retelling of real events, and as such believes strongly that the Swords of Vaul exist.

Gontelar [Any] – An Asuryani Dire Avenger/Exarch from the craftworld of Ulthwe. They have fought countless battles on a thousand worlds, and now dedicate themself as a personal protector of Benneruin. Sceptical that their journey will turn up any results, they are a strong-willed, stubborn, and highly capable with a spear. An middle-aged Asuryani,  their attitude has been shaped by disappointment and loss. They think of their people’s Mythic Cycle as a metaphor for past events, and believes that the Swords of Vaul are embellished retellings.

The Past

Lanthrilaq [Male] – An Aeldari Warrior, he is swift, civilized, and regal. He looks up to the Gods as faultless leaders and sees the War in Heaven as an exercise in the Aeldari’s divine right to rule the stars. His blind devotion and strength of will are assets on the battlefield, but they become a flaw when it comes to spiritual matters or questions of the future…

Jaeriela [Female] – An Aeldari Seer, she is thrice-blessed: given the sight, sight of the past, sight of the future. An incredibly gifted psychic, she fears that the Gods’ personal follies will lead their people to ruin. She has a psychic resonance and can see Benneruin (but cannot communicate) for reasons she cannot reason,  and as the War in Heaven grows she tries to piece together what she sees and questions whether it is a timeline or alternate reality.

Necron (Antagonists)

What are the Necrons? [Click here]
Imhoratai [Any] – A Necron Overlord. Beaten down by the one counterfeit blade amongst Vaul’s one-hundred swords, he survived an ancient Aeldari offensive by the virtue of the blade’s imperfect nature. He has remained in the anvil reliquary, unable to destroy the smithing array, but stands prepared to defend it from being returned to their descendent Asuryani’s hands.

Eldar (Protagonists)

The Present

Benneruin [Female]

  • “From mangroves and rock as if by magic grown. Eternal, silent, impassible, alone. The lost anvil”.
  • The environment of the world is treacherous and with Disease and murderous fauna surrounding us, we could not risk the added lives of our kin. I fear This journey may well take our lives.
  • We will stave off the Rhana Dandra, Gontelar. This is how.
  • I take one of the waystones and attach it to my breast. With a soft click it clings to me, swirling with resonance. I feel the connection become tangible and a sense of calm returns to my heart.

Gontelar [Any]

  • Savage. They are hunting the wildlife. They’ll exhaust them in a day. We should return to the Craftworld.
  • We will plumb its histories tomorrow. The environment is not favourable at this hour.
  • We shall do this together. Our lives are a helix, intertwined by fate.
  • Iam Mure (“I am a killer”) Benneruin. I do not have the same stake in the myths as you. War has no story. No chapters. Not anymore. It only has The End. 
The Past

Lanthrilaq [Male] 

  • Then we have no fear! Even now, Khaine is not idle. Vaul forges one hundred swords for his campaign against the Yngir. I was presented with mine. Witness it.
  • Take my hand, Jaeriela. We do battle with our kin. Turn your eyes from whatever darkness you see.Bring them to me and share your heart with mine. Release that pain, so we can go together.

  • [In Combat] There’s that face, again! Jaeriela, smile! The stories we will have to tell the children! Songs will be sung of this day!

Jaeriela [Female] 

  • By blessed and burdened sight I see ashes of the shadow flake away into air. Damage has been done to this poor creature’s soul.
  • He doesn’t see it.
    Lanthrilaq the Swift is slowing. His face is pale. His sword blunt from the constant warfare.
  • Ours will be children born of ruin.

Necron (Antagonists)

Imhoratai [Any]

  • Interlopers. Let this king express his appreciation for your visit. 
  • You are impressed by broken relics and and the toys of shattered gods. How far you’ve fallen.
  • Yours is a doomed civilization. Our wars burned the stars – and I am happy to begin the great conflagration once more. The ground you walk on, the stones, the bone, will all burn. Your species will be reduced to ash, and I will pour you through my fingers with utter satisfaction.  

Voice acting talent of all levels of experience are welcome to audition for COLD OPEN STORIES. Please note that you are expected to have a reasonable quality of audio and environment without noticeable background noise. If this is your first time auditioning, check out our Voice Acting Guides.

  • Step 1: Choose your character(s) and review heir dialogue samples
  • Step 2: Record each character in separate files (.mp3 or .wav)
  • Step 3: Attach all audition files in a single email (or google drive link) and send to

Please include the following information in the body of your email so we can catalogue you for potential:

  • First & Last Name.
  • Characters your are auditioning for.
  • Availability / Turn-around times for recording (how quickly you can re-record with directors notes).
We review every submission and consider what roles might be a good fit. If you’re not accepted right away, don’t worry. We may have something in the future (we try to tailor our scripts to the strengths of our talent on hand).
Commitment: If you are chosen for the role, you will be given a sampler to make sure we’re on the right page for the character. Following this review, you will have 3 weeks to complete your script recordings. Following this stage, there will be an editing gap (typically 1-2 weeks) followed by requests for re-recording on lines or alternate takes.
Important: Applications submitted through social media will not be accepted. Auditions with a demo reel may be substituted in place of dialogue from the casting call. Please follow steps 2 & 3 of the audition process in this case.
The participation of the cast and crew behind Cold Open Stories is strictly voluntary. We’re not here to make money, and Cold Open Stories directs all parties interested in financially supporting our work to instead share our stories in their network and giving to one of our sponsored charities.
Participation is intended for people who are fans of Warhammer 40,000 and/or the performing arts. Name credits will be provided in the final episode releases, and a letter of reference can be provided for future work.