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Casting Call: On The Hunter’s Watch

Summary: Once a primitive, plains-dwelling race, The T’au have formed a spacefaring empire by bringing together several intelligent alien races to combat the hostile Imperium of Man. When a T’au cadre led by commander Eervee is ambushed, they are forced to retreat to a fringe T’au outpost. Introduced to the remote world’s inhabitants – humans led by an enigmatic woman (Marlene O’serra Barcov) – Eervee must navigate a coded dance of indoctrination, and resistance to discover whether humanity can ever be trusted.

Written and Directed by Colyn DeGraaff. On The Hunter’s Watch is a limited series (3 episode) audio drama. Original score composed by Robert Renato Hack with cover art by Orniris Terensi.

Deadline to audition is June 30, 2021 at 11:59pm PST.



T’au have been portrayed in licensed media with varying Asian accents (example 1, example 2). Auditions for this casting call may include accents (but are not required) of any of the original peoples of East Asia, Southeast Asia, or South Asia. If you are auditioning with an accent, please make sure that you’re presenting one that is respectful of the original culture, based on personal heritage, or learned from a credible dialect coach. 

COLD OPEN STORIES produces self-contained short fan audio dramas set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe featuring various characters from different apocalyptic sectors of space. 

Each “episode” is meant to be digested on an average commute, averaging 30-45 minutes.

Please ensure that your microphone is capable of recording your performance without picking up overwhelming background noises or excessive peaking/clipping. 

Once cast, performers are expected to return their lines within 3 weeks. Roles may contain swearing and shouting in some capacity. If you cannot commit to the needs of a given role please do not audition.

New voice acting? Check out our Voice Acting Guides to get started and learn a little more about what we’re looking for.


(Full Name: Shas’Ui’Eervee’M’cova | Namesake “Futterfly/Unbreakable”)
[Female OR Non-Binary | Middle-Age]
> A T’au cadre commander of the Fire Caste, they are fiercely loyal to their crew and the alien races that make up the empire. Known to be very serious and professional, Eervee is a cunning military mind and masterful pilot of a hyper-mobile XV-9B-O mechanized battlesuit.

Fearless when under fire, Eervee’s upbringing in the rigid T’au Fire Caste system has left them without the more nuanced concepts of diplomacy or delicacy. Forced to work with humans, Eervee’s mindset is pushed into unfamiliar and uncomfortable territory, believing all humans to be monstrous. Contrasted with the T’au elder Pu’mu, they are forced to question their rigidity and stark black-and-white perspective of humanity.


(Full Name: Shas’Ui’Golog’Volg’nan | Namesake: “Puppy/Steel”)
[Male | Middle-Age]
> A T’au second in command to Eervee, he is the leader of the cadre’s hard-hitting strike teams. A veteran warrior, he looks up to Eervee and holds himself accountable to their military vision. Competent, focused, and agreeable, her does not question the dogma of the caste system and gets along favourably with the other aliens of the T’au empire.


(Full Name: Fio’Ui’Velk’han”Saen’ghwal | Namesake: “Puppy/Steel”)
[Male OR Female | Old]
> A T’au of the Earth Caste, they are an engineer and biologist working on the distant fringe T’au colony. Removed from other T’au for nearly two decades, the elderly Pu’mu has survived alongside a group of human labourers (“Gue’la”) by reaching ‘concessions’ of philosophy. Pu’mu’s flexibility in mindset is a stark contrast to Eervee who sees the world in black-or-white. However, Pu’mu’s education and motivations do not line up with their role on the world — and they clearly know more than they are letting on…



(Alien Auxiliaries of the T’au Empire)
[Male or Female | Any Age]

Alien aliens, the Formesian (Froglike), Vespid (Insectoid), and Kroot (Avian) members of the T’au Empire follow Eervee’s campaign across the stars. They speak in their native alien tongues and are combative personalities, sharing a distrust of humanity for the xenocide carried out by the Imperium of Mankind. Only BAYAK GREK has any mastery over the ‘common’ gothic tongue, and a poor one at best, whereas CHARLISH and ISHLYKLKLK are keen to let their short bursts of speech and weaponry do the talking.



(Full Name: Marlene O’Serra Bacov)
[Female | Middle-Age]
An anachronism living on the T’au colony, the human Marlene is an enigma to everyone. Her poised and graceful posture betrays an impressive physical prowess that she uses to lead a fishing crew, and her strange hair reminds many of the violent faith militant of the Imperium of Mankind. She is a loner – uninterested in conversation and more focused on survival. With Eervee’s arrival, the pair tensely regard each other – Eervee can’t help but wonder if Marlene has truly converted to the T’au philosophy or is she is a double-agent, indoctrinated by the Imperium of Mankind?


(Full Name: Gabriel Bondarenko)
[Male | Middle-Age]
> A human who was annexed into labour into the T’au empire, he has hidden his past as a Lieutenant in the Imperium of Mankind. Staging a revolt in a bid for independence from T’au ‘oppressors’, his rebellious actions cripple Eervee’s command, ship, and crew, and forces the cataclysmic retreat to the T’au colony world. A relentless, xenophobic antagonist. his appearance bookends Eervee’s journey and reaffirms all the worst, bigoted, cruel impressions she has of mankind.



[Internal] Humans speak with a mouth full of nectar… But beneath it lurks a heart brimming with daggers.

[Action/Internal] I boost out of the loading bay and over the top of the ship. Spinning in zero gravity, the magnetic clamps of my Her’ex’vre clamp onto the hull with a feline grace. Looking back at the bridge of the ship, I see the damage. The bridge is gone.

[Internal] I plod across the sunken road and can begin to make out details of a small factory and waterfront cabins. The village on the horizon bleeds into the harbour with old foundations and moored ships chained to her. Several buildings sink into the black tide that rises up to claim them, with only a few leaning against the ocean like an act of defiance.

We have a word… in your tongue it means… tranquility. Free from anxiety. If we are free from the pressures of needs, then we are free from the fear of losing them. Being here, I have begun to question… can one remain tranquil the more they become aware… Can I hold you responsible for the actions of your people…



The two-beaked creature looked at me, cross-eyed and mouth drooling on the hangar floor. They are strange, but at least they are trustworthy!

They are Gue’la from the Essen moon. They are unremarkable, do not be bothered by them. 

I can’t hail them! It’s gone! Repeat! The bridge, the entire BRIDGE is GONE. 



I am Fio’Ui’Velk’han’Saen’ghwal. My namesake means Life Observer. It also means Blue Radish, but that is less important I suppose. Few things here matter. Names least of all.

I am not certain. No-one speaks of her history – especially not behind her back. She has no family here.

With no children, the humans have no future. This trauma was a… parting gift from the Imperium of Mankind… It was a virus that sterilized every human on the planet. And now, you see the results. Malaise. A people robbed of a future, and driven into melancholy.




CHARLISH [Frog-like Voice] –  Woooonderful cooommander. Weee will prepaaaare at oooonce. For the GREAAAATER GooOoOOD.

ISHLYKLKLK [Insect-Chitters] – Shklklk Krllk Skkkkk? Shh shh KLK KLK!

BAYAK GREK [Avian Barks] – Humans! Humans bad! Stop humans. No eat. Kill! 




[Sardonic] Welcome to Hunter’s Watch, Commander. Enjoy your stay.

Humanity learned long ago that there can be no ‘good life’. That’s because we don’t appreciate what we have. When when do get something, we’re never content to have enough. Imagine being always thirsty, but living in a desert. It’s madenning.

I’m numb, Eervee. The Imperium had no morals, no scruples, no decency. They were roaches. They suffered strike after strike but clung on. That is why violence was the only answer. Anything to cling on. After some time you don’t even pause to lick your wounds – you just stand defiant, caked in your own wounds and lacerations.

A resistance doesn’t take an army. Just a few determined leaders.



In case you missed it, this is a sinking ship, Commander. There will be no collusion or treaties – no negotiations – no bargains with xenos.

[Softly, Cold] Better to die free, than to live in alien bondage. For the Emperor.

When someone is eager to stick out their hand, it usually means they have something up their sleeve.




[Unintelligible Conversation / Purposeful Alien Chatter]

[Humans] Loose steerage! Come on, hoist it up! / Worst thing I’ve ever smelt in my life. 

[T’AU] Preparing launch routines. Deploying Xer’ex’vre. Show the humans their time is over.

Voice acting talent of all levels of experience are welcome to audition for COLD OPEN STORIES. Please note that you are expected to have a reasonable quality of audio and environment without noticeable background noise. If this is your first time auditioning, check out our Voice Acting Guides.

  • Step 1: Choose your character(s) and review heir dialogue samples
  • Step 2: Record each character in separate files (.mp3 or .wav)
  • Step 3: Attach all audition files in a single email (or google drive link) and send to

Please include the following information in the body of your email so we can catalogue you for potential:

  • First & Last Name.
  • Characters your are auditioning for.
  • Availability / Turn-around times for recording (how quickly you can re-record with directors notes).
We review every submission and consider what roles might be a good fit. If you’re not accepted right away, don’t worry. We may have something in the future (we try to tailor our scripts to the strengths of our talent on hand).
Commitment: If you are chosen for the role, you will be given a sampler to make sure we’re on the right page for the character. Following this review, you will have 3 weeks to complete your script recordings. Following this stage, there will be an editing gap (typically 1-2 weeks) followed by requests for re-recording on lines or alternate takes.
Important: Applications submitted through social media will not be accepted. Auditions with a demo reel may be substituted in place of dialogue from the casting call. Please follow steps 2 & 3 of the audition process in this case.
The participation of the cast and crew behind Cold Open Stories is strictly voluntary. We’re not here to make money, and Cold Open Stories directs all parties interested in financially supporting our work to instead share our stories in their network and giving to one of our sponsored charities.
Participation is intended for people who are fans of Warhammer 40,000 and/or the performing arts. Name credits will be provided in the final episode releases, and a letter of reference can be provided for future work.