What, no Patreon?

Nope! We’re not in this to make money. If we were, we wouldn’t break even. To put this into a perspective, a single  one of our 15-20 minute audio dramas carries an approximate production cost of more than $4000+. 

These costs don’t even take into consideration the editorial time injected into short fiction and contests on the site, or the rising webhosting costs as our community grows.

How can I make a difference?

Email or tag us @coldopenstories and show us how you’re supporting a local charity. This can be a photo of you working on the frontlines, or proof of your financial donation to support services in your community.

Charities supported by fans

Fans of Cold Open Stories have supported the following charities. You can too.

Terry Fox Foundation | CANADA | In 1980, with one leg having been amputated due to cancer, Terry Fox embarked on an east to west cross-Canada run to raise money and awareness for cancer victims. His Marathon of Hope continues to inspire others and raises money for cancer research to this day.

Mind | UK | Every year, one in four people experience a mental health problem. Mind offers confidential infolines, mental health related legal support, and award-winning publications to empower those struggling with mental health.

Wintercomfort| UK | Wintercomfort supports men and women who are homeless or vulnerably housed by offering them vital welfare services and opportunities for learning & training. 

AI4ALL | USA | is a nonprofit working to increase diversity in artificial intelligence and create a world where AI is created by people who represent the diverse general population.

Hearing Health Foundation | USA | Working to prevent and cure hearing loss, the Hearing Health Foundation is a leader in driving new innovations and treatments for people with hearing loss, tinnitus, and other hearing disorders.

Black Lives Matter | International | Aid for the Black community is needed. Choose how to give: to the victims, protestors, Black owned businesses, or organizations. Options also include streaming and game-based donations.

SOS: Children’s Villages | International| More than 140 million children worldwide have lost one or both parents. When a child’s world is turned upside down, SOS Children’s Villages UK works to give them a home, a family, and provide them with quality education and medical care.