The “cold open” is a storytelling technique which throws the reader directly into the action to build up a sense of danger, humour, or mystery. COLD OPEN STORIES was launched in June 2019 as a love-letter to short fiction and weird fiction that have the power to quickly throw us into new worlds and encourage us to reflect on our culture. You can read and listen to Cold Open Stories for free, and we encourage our audience to support our efforts by giving to sponsored charities.

Colyn De Graaff


Colyn De Graaff is a communications director, intercultural advisor, and designer living in Canada. Familiar with Warhammer at a young age, he first entered the Warhammer community when he launched daily lore posts for Lorehammer (@lorehammer). An avid fan of radio dramas and theatre, he launched Cold Open Stories in June 2019 with the goal of merging Warhammer's setting with the presentation of old time radio. The first casting call attracted a handful of performers, but after two releases spiked into the high-hundreds. After the success of the audio dramas, he launched the short fiction athologies on the site to tackle the stigma behind fan fiction and give amateur authors a place to explore non-canon stories. He currently serves as the site's creative director and produces the audio dramas while supervising the releases of short fiction



Robert Renato Hack is a composer and sound designer living in Hungary. He creates soundscapes and original music for COLD OPEN STORIES and produces unofficial Warhammer 40,000 music for other creators to use in their videos (upon request). You can find more of his work at https://www.robertrenato.com/officio-audiorum/



Thomas Pham is a journalist and freelance writer living in the United States. He got his first taste of tabletop gaming playing D&D in the 3rd grade, and has been woefully addicted to the hobby every since.



Orniris Terensi is an illustrator, concept artist, and sculptor of fantasy and science fiction and lives in Barcelona, Spain. As a huge fan of the Warhammer universe, he enjoys creating new pieces from characters to environments from the rich and grimdark world. His talent can be seen in the many covers of our audio dramas and narrative fiction.



Charlotte Selby-Martin works as an administrator in the National Health Service in the UK, and in her spare time has begun to work as a proof-reader and copy-editor working with independent publishers and authors across a variety of genres such as Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Alternate History and YA. She is also an avid reader and looks forward to supporting writers in her role.



Stephen Rhodes is a professional scriptwriter and narrative designer with almost a decade of experience producing high quality scripts and written content. He has worked on numerous AAA tiles for studios including Ubisoft, DONTNOD, CD Projeckt RED, Deep Silver, and Traveller's Tales.



Sam Wheeler has recently completed the Publishing Masters course at University College London, and is currently based in London. He has been a voracious reader, particularly of science fiction and fantasy, from a young age and has been involved in the hobby since he was a teenager.



Jack Shelton is a Primary School Teacher in the UK. He is an avid reader, especially of fantasy and science-fiction, and has been a fan of all things Warhammer since he wandered into a Games Workshop store as a young boy.

Awards / Accolades

  • Canada’s Top 100 Podcasts – Drama: Chartable 2020
  • Great Britain’s Top 100 Podcasts – Drama: Chartable 2020
  • AudioVerse Awards Finalist 2019: Best Performance of a Leading Role – Cari Scholtens as Ardel Mane, When All Lights Have Gone Out
  • AudioVerse Awards Finalist 2019: Best Performance of a Supporting Role – Carla Mack as Abigail Pike, When All Lights Have Gone Out