Our staff

Colyn deGraaff

COLD OPEN STORIES is the creative identity of Colyn deGraaff, a communications professional and intercultural advisor living in Canada. He currently serves as the project’s Creative Director and writes, directs, and promotes the stories found here on the site.

You can email him by clicking here.

Robert Renato Hack

OFFICIO AUDIORUM is an auditory project created by Robert Renato Hack, a composer and sound designer living in Hungary. He creates soundscapes and original music for COLD OPEN STORIES and produces unofficial Warhammer 40,000 music for other creators to use in their videos (upon request).

Learn more about him by clicking here.

Who we are

A “cold open” is a storytelling technique which throws the reader directly into the action to build up a sense of danger, humour, or mystery.

COLD OPEN STORIES was founded as a love-letter to short fiction and pulp stories that have the power to quickly throw us into new worlds where we can reflect on our culture and find new ways of feeling.

What we don't do

We enjoy playing in other people’s worlds, but we’re reluctant to ask for money in doing so. The rich histories of universes like Warhammer 40,000 (for example) are the result of decades of talented artists and creators. We’re not claiming to be affiliated with them. We’re just fans of their work and want the world to see the greatness in them that we do. That’s one reason we don’t have a Patreon. Here’s the others.