The “cold open” is a storytelling technique which throws the reader directly into the action to build up a sense of danger, humour, or mystery. COLD OPEN STORIES was launched in June 2019 as a love-letter to short fiction and weird fiction that have the power to quickly throw us into new worlds and encourage us to reflect on our culture. You can read and listen to Cold Open Stories for free, and we encourage our audience to support our efforts by giving to sponsored charities.

Contributing Team

Founder & Creative Director

Colyn DeGraaff is a communications professional and intercultural advisor living in Canada. The founder of COLD OPEN STORIES, he currently serves as its Creative Director where he writes, directs, produces, and promotes the audio dramas found on the site.


Robert Renato Hack is a composer and sound designer living in Hungary. He creates soundscapes and original music for COLD OPEN STORIES and produces unofficial Warhammer 40,000 music for other creators to use in their videos (upon request).

Chief Editor

In 2020 we'll be expanding the Short Stories section of COLD OPEN STORIES. Individuals who may be interested in this volunteer position, and share an interest in seeking emerging writing talent, are encouraged to contact using using the button below.


  • AudioVerse Awards Finalist 2019: Best Performance of a Leading Role – Cari Scholtens as Ardel Mane, When All Lights Have Gone Out
  • AudioVerse Awards Finalist 2019: Best Performance of a Supporting Role – Carla Mack as Abigail Pike, When All Lights Have Gone Out