As the galaxy writhes in all-consuming war, there are untold stories of individuals struggling to live in the worst time imaginable. 

These civilians, witches, soldiers, and alien species suffer against the blinding nihilism of a galaxy gone mad. Their existence begs the question – surrounded by endless war and corruption, is life meaningless?

Do not dare to hope in these dark times.


Fanfiction can be good.

Dive into new worlds and experiences brought to you by fans and colleagues of Games Workshop and the Black Library. In these hallowed halls of Unofficial Warhammer 40,000 you can hear the thrill of award-winning full cast audio dramas, or tread through bleak and suspenseful short story anthologies. 

This isn’t merely a place for the observer. Try your hand at voice acting or compete in the fast fiction contest. 


Audio Dramas

It sounds like you’re there.

Audio dramas are not just an audio version of a text – they are a dramatization of it. Get immersed in a theatre for the mind that is more than a narration or audiobook.

Short Fiction

An intimate perspective.

Short Fiction provides readers with a chance to dive into a new world with limited time, and they provide writers with a chance to have their work seen.


Fast Fiction

1000 Words. 1 Theme. 1 Winner.

Fast Fiction is a bi-monthly contest with a limited word count. Stories must capture the reader’s attention quickly while fulfilling the promise of the theme, setting, and character development.

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