Inquisitor: Doctrina Malum Now Open

The award-nominated production team Cold Open Stories has released its immersive, unofficial, collaborative writing game “Inquisitor: Doctrina Malum”. Assume the role of an Inquisitorial Agent searching for threats to the Imperium, earning achievements, and building a catalog of the galaxy’s terrors in an experience described as “SCP Foundation meet Black Library”.

We’ll also be holding two giveaways to celebrate it’s launch!

Contest Details: How does the contest work? Well we’ll be holding two random draws for all users who either (1) register for the Inquisitor: Doctrina Malum site; and (2) submit an article. Registrants and articles must be complete before February 15, 2021. Two winners will win, and virtual vouchers will be sent through anywhere that they offer.

We’d like to thank all of you for your support over the past few months as we’ve developed this project. We’re excited to see what strange, deadly, and weird characters and scenarios you develop in the grimdark world of Warhammer 40,0000.