Cover Art by Takara Kon


THE CITY THAT BURNED ON ALL FOUR SIDES is a standalone audio drama thriller about chemical warfare, climate change, and the power of myth.

Inspired by The Fireman, The Road, and Children of Men, this story follows British ‘torchbearer’ Maya Knight as she struggles to maintain order after a continuous exothermic weapon (nicknamed “TAR”) begins engulfing cities around the world, one by one.

It crosses oceans. It can’t be extinguished. Everything burns.

The immense heat and self-perpetuating inferno have poured smoke and ash into the sky, and with only a matter of days before the accelerating blaze reaches London, Maya is at her wits end until Hitomi Saito, a disheveled cascade of tangled hair and convoluted metaphors, offers her an impossible hope that depends on a single, tiny pine cone.

Disbelief, faith, and phosphor combine in this ‘Cli-Fi’ tale of humanity’s final hours…

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From moody atmospheric beats, to authentic emotional moments, we cast voice talent from all backgrounds and countries.

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