THE NUMBERED is a standalone audio drama thriller about brotherhood, numerology, and the desensitization of violence.

The story follows the struggles of Prince Hamnet Aragon as he awakes from his 12-year journey to the world of Pushtosh, a barren planet inimical to human life. Despite its extreme temperatures and cataclysmic storms, it is the home to the Numbered – the most ruthless mercenaries in the galaxy who adhere to a strange cult of numerology.

Hamnet plans to recruit the Numbered to help stave off regicide, but to win their aid must endure a series of challenges that threaten to emotionally desensitize and deaden the man he claims to be… 


Story written by Nicholas Wolf.
Script adapted by Colyn DeGraaff. 

Immersive Design

We put meticulous effort into capturing sounds and foley for each audio drama. Find yourself transported to spaces far and wide.

Authentic Voices

From moody atmospheric beats, to authentic emotional moments, we cast voice talent from all backgrounds and countries.

Unique Tales

Feel the world around you and discover characters in stories that are original to the site. These are inspired, standalone tales.