Warhammer 40,000 is a bleak and brutal future where a stagnant human civilization is threatened by supernatural creatures, hostile aliens, and  dehumanizing political forces.

While much of this setting takes place on the battlefields of the grimdark future, Cold Open Stories has become a playground for unofficial stories off the beaten path. Running parallel to Games Workshop’s successful IP, our community of aspiring authors and fans have filled out the margins of the universe with new empathetic characters, wild extraterrestrials, and stories that have otherwise been untold or neglected in the setting.

We are seeking voice talent to provide new life to hundreds of stories (seriously, take a click) by offering an immersive audiobook experience. These productions are fan-made, highly produced, and come from a love of the setting with no ad revenue or monetary exchanges taking place. 

  • Story Length: 8-10 minutes per narration.
  • Genre: Science Fiction, Drama.
  • Tone: Dark, intense, atmospheric.
  • Voice Requirements: We are looking for versatile audiobook voice talent who can present a compelling narrative voice, while embellishing various characters. From heroic everymen and women, to cunning Inquisitors, these are individuals living in a bleak time of the distant future.
  • Audition Process: Interested applicants are invited to submit a demo reel showcasing their ability to portray a narrative audiobook reading or if they have previously been cast in a Cold Open Stories audiobook or audio drama to write a letter of interest. Previous knowledge of Warhammer 40,000 is not required.
  • Submissions: Click the button below, attach your .mp3 or .wav demo reel or sample, and include a brief introduction on your relevant experience or interest in voice work.
  • Compensation: This is not a paid opportunity as Cold Open Stories does not hold a license to this property, which is the copyright of Games Workshop. 

If you are looking for samples of the last season of these narrations, click here.

Immersive Design

We put meticulous effort into capturing sounds and foley for each audio drama. Find yourself transported to spaces far and wide.

Authentic Voices

From moody atmospheric beats, to authentic emotional moments, we cast voice talent from all backgrounds and countries.

Unique Tales

Feel the world around you and discover characters in stories that are original to the site. These are inspired, standalone tales.