No Patreon?

No Patreon?

Since its humble beginnings in 2019, COLD OPEN STORIES has sought to promote the skills and talents of actors, writers, and artists. We believe in bringing together a wide range of voices and providing our listeners with professional content free of charge and without tethers to advertisers or corporations. After all, stories that are fan-made don’t have to be crap. 

If we were to solicit for donations, how much would a single episode of COLD OPEN STORIES cost? Let’s look at the rates of what our volunteers would normally charge for the hours that go into making a single 15-20 minute episode.

  • $25 monthly website hosting + marketing collateral
  • $60 foley artist / sound engineer
  • $80 per actor (incl. word count / hourly rate variations)
  • $160 for one artist’s original artwork or photography (promotional)
  • $500 for one writer’s complete script
  • $500 for one composer / sound designer
  • $500 for one creative director / story editor / coordinator

So how can I help?

We’re not looking for money. Even if we were, this endeavour wouldn’t break even. We’re fans, and we want to tell stories that bring attention to the worlds and characters we love.

So here’s how you help: be our advocate.

Really, the best way you can help is to share us with your network. That means your Facebook groups, your friends, your hobby circles, wherever. The exposure doesn’t even help ad revenue (we’re ad free). What your sharing does is helps our talented writers, performers, and team get exposure and hopefully find new paid projects on their own.

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