What's next?

I never started Cold Open Stories to make money, but to provide an avenue for diverse voices to share in fanfiction and voice acting.

To my collaborators, thank you. Robert and Stephen, you both have been instrumental in helping me improve my writing, craft, and storytelling. As we grew and came to include short stories, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Thomas, Charlotte, and Tim for helping read, correspond, and curate with the wide range of talent that came to the site.

Which brings me to you, the audience and participants. Thank you for taking a chance on this — for showing that fan-made materials can be high calibre. To the many voice actors and writers who participated in our casting calls, contests, and fast fiction competitions: we’ve done it. We’ve pushed the needle and showed that quality wins out. Something doesn’t need to be canon or official for it to be good

To the lads in the podcast sphere, specifically Lorehammer, Realm & Ruin, and The Fluffenhammer – thank you for supporting the initiatives with some hands-on efforts. 

Three projects remain in limbo right now:

  • June 2020: Fast Fiction [Short Fiction] – Judged and awaiting final review. Will do my absolute best to complete this and move winning entries to the site.
  • Agtrill, the Counterfeit Blade [Audio Drama] – Entirely recorded. Mixing of audio/SFX will be postponed.
  • Inquisitor: Doctrina Malum [Experience] – Site assets and missions have been created, but few resources to manage the engagement currently.

How can I help?

I want to thank Andrew (@hobbyvices) and Dan (@TheLonelyHavocs) who started a GoFundMe campaign to support myself and my family during this time.
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