However Small, However Hidden

Our 5th Audio Drama, However Small, However Hidden will be hosting its open casting call in early 2020. If you wish to be notified when the casting call is opened, head over to our social media channels and subscribe for notifications.

Casting Call Coming Soon...

Voice Acting / Audition Guides



  • Record it well. You don’t need a professional studio to audition, but we do expect a minimum standard of performance. Make sure ambience in the room is at a minimum and that you are loud enough to be heard.
  • Provide multiple readings of the same line. Where you place emphasis changes the line. Where you place emphasis changes the line. Where you place emphasis changes the line. Provide multiple takes to show your range.
  • Audition for multiple characters. Every person has a role that’s made for them. If you’re only auditioning for one role, you’re cutting yourself out of potential roles.
  • Take risks. Feel free to try different, outlandish, or creative readings – just be prepared to commit to that voice for longer readings.
  • Ignore your posture. Voice acting is still acting. If you are rigid in your performance, your voice will sound the same. Emote in your performance, but keep your lips at a good range from the microphone.
  • Forget your audience. Who is your character communicating with? There is a great different between speaking into a microphone (artificial) and talking with someone (genuine). Imagine who you are talking with and consider what makes an authentic conversation. 
  • Give up. Few people are selected on their first audition, but that shouldn’t discourage you. Once you’ve entered our casting database, we keep an eye out for your other auditions and actively seek roles to include you in.

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