The Dead Speak in Fast Fiction XI

The In the grim-dark future, there are whispers of Xenos who can transcend death. Close friends once thought to be dead can reappear on the battlefield changed or wicked. Even fierce adversaries shrug off devastating wounds and worryingly refuse to stay dead.

Whether it is part of an elaborate ruse, or an incredible ability to regain one’s mortal coil, we must consider the serious moral questions and consequences of those who return from oblivion and once again walk amongst the living.

Back From The Dead encourages writers to unpack the themes of death, resurrection and reincarnation in the unhappily ever after of Warhammer 40,000. Explore the personal cost of those who flirt with the afterlife, and the impact a revival can have on those who know them.

What is Fast Fiction?
Fast Fiction is a writing competition of 1 theme. 1,000 words. 1 winner.

Fast Fiction is a bi-monthly contest with a limited word count. In this contest stories are submitted according to a judge-selected theme. Stories must capture the reader’s attention quickly while fulfilling the promise of the theme, setting, and character development.

How do I enter the contest?
For more information on this month’s contest, and to read the submissions guidelines, head over to

Who is judging?
In addition to our editorial team from Cold Open Stories, each Fast Fiction features a judge from the Warhammer community. Learn more on the submission page.

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