Casting Call

Casting Call: When All Lights Have Gone Out


Summary: The Adepta Sororitas are an all-female division of the Imperial Cult, a galaxy-spanning faith that has held humanity together for thousands of years. On the shrine world of Antiqua Resolve, four Sororitas arrive to a crumbling basilica and discover the city’s history, sparking a tense manhunt across the city and a battle of faith versus nihilism.

COLD OPEN STORIES is producing a series of self-contained short fan audio dramas set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe featuring various characters from different apocalyptic sectors of space. 

Scripts are relatively short and the final versions have been submitted. Each “episode” is meant to be digested on an average commute, averaging 15-20 minutes. 

Please ensure that your microphone is capable of recording your performance without picking up overwhelming background noises or excessive peaking/clipping. There are some great tips on how to do this here. Roles may contain swearing and shouting in some capacity at some time or another so if you cannot commit to the needs of a given role please do not audition.

The best advice we can provide is that you shouldn’t feel the need to put on “a voice”. Voice acting starts with good acting – clarity, tone, and range.

Leading Roles

ARDEL MANE – Militant Advance
Adopted by the brutal childcare regime of the Imperium, ARDEL MANE survived the CULLING OF ANTIQUA RESOLVE and was taken into the Ecclesiarchy’s faith militant where she was trained to be a child soldier and mentally conditioned to follow the Ecclesiarchy. “Uplifted” from the dredges of the city, ARDEL now serves as a faith militant and as she returns to ANTIQUA RESOLVE, having not thought of her life in the city in nearly a decade, she still harbours unresolved feelings for it, its people, and its dark past.

BEATRICE DAWN – Novice Advance
Raised in the cloisters of the BASILICA GRANDE, Beatrice has never seen a city outside Her church’s walls. She views the outside world as a curiosity and looks up to ARDEL MANE and LEANNA CREST as older sisters, mentors, and maternal figures. She considers her faith unshakable, but a terror begins to grip the city and sends its population spiralling into an uprising, she begins to wrestle with her existence and the point of living in a cruel, nihilistic galaxy.

LEANNA CREST – Sister Superior
A hospitaller in the employ of the BASILICA GRANDE. While some might expect her to have a nurturing or  “healing” attitude because of her role as a health officer, she speaks with a matter-of-fact attitude and blatant disregard for earthly authority (favouring the deliverance of the deity Emperor of Mankind). Having had combat experience offworld, she transferred to BASILICA GRANDE and has now run with ARDEL MANE for several missions.

ABIGAIL PIKE – Sororitas Acolyte
ABIGAIL is rigid in her conviction and is  devoted adept of the the Ecclesiarchy. She is ceaselessly loyal to the Imperial Creed and PASTOR LE’CROIX,and is deemed strong enough to surpass LEANNA’s lead when the time comes  – a declaration that has pitted her against the “outsider” ARDEL. ABIGAIL openly opposes ARDEL, believing herself to be a more ardent crusader of the Ecclesiarchy, and her arrogance leads her to look down upon the people the city – with dangerous consequences.

A city planner and former member of the SCHOLA PROGENIUM, ESTEBAN ESSERMAN designed the childcare initiatives of the city. For decades he sought to care for the wayward and abandoned youth of the city, using his considerable wealth and influence to do so. His influence saw to ARDEL MANE’s and JAHKOB ABLEMAN’s rescue as orphans – the outcome of which plays out a generation later.

A toxic, cruel, and boorish man, PASTOR LE’CROIX sees the inhabitants of the city as beneath him. He openly mocks their actions and is a promoter of tough, tough, love. As the city devolves into a powder keg, the PASTOR locks himself within his chapel – both out of fear, but also as an opportunity to purge the unbelievers. He calls for the ADEPTA SORORITAS to guard him while the city is dragged into ruin.

JAHKOB ABLEMAN is an alias. His true name is not known, and all that can be said for his past is that he is the product of a broken society. He has a chameleon quality – being as charismatic or unassuming when he needs to fit in, but these mannerisms hide a nightmarish sociopathic behaviour. Scooped up by the brutal childcare regime of the SCHOLA PROGENIUM his future was to become a child soldier. Instead, JAHKOB engineered his escape at the age of 12 which resulted in the orphanage’s bloody mass-murder/suicide. Now, more than a decade later, JAHKOB has returned to the world and is using his gifts to destabilize the city and turn its people upon each other. He is a member of the Heretic VIII Legion – The Night Lords.

A man of the city. He has watched the city tithed, spat upon, and demeaned by PASTOR LE’CROIX and his aggressive religious campaign. When the PASTOR cuts off the chapel from the city, he begins to rally its people to defend themselves. This militia mentality runs counter to the Imperium’s system of order, and reaches a crescendo when the ADEPTA SORORITAS enter the city at his request for aid. Father of Emma Curve.

Supporting Roles

A member of JAHKOB ABLEMAN’s entourage, this post-human soldier is a ruthless murderer. He joined the NIGHT LORDS at a young age and was groomed to enhance his sadistic talents. He likes to mock and play with his prey and is equipped with a jump-pack and lightning talons. He prefers to get close to his prey and has a passion for malice. 

Part of Jahkob’s entourage. He is a towering bodyguard for JAHKOB and equipped in Terminator Armor – an incredibly durable and revered suit of power-armour that brandishes massively thick plates and servo-muscles that drive its defensive shells. He is far less talkative than KAILEN, but he speaks each word with a domineering sense of power. If KAILEN is the serial killer, VAXIS is the boogeyman. He carries a chainglaive (a chainsword on a pike) and wields it to devastating effect.

A young girl, under 10 years of age. She has seen glimpses of the Night Lords, both in person and in her dreams. There is a subtle hint that she is a Psyker, a psionically gifted human being, but she is far too young to capitalize on this talent (or have it be noticed). She seeks protection from the nightmares and sees the ADEPTA SORORITAS as a way to protect herself. Daughter of Adrian Curve.

A member of the city’s fledgling militia.

Monks and minor clergy administrators who work inside the church.

Various people showing their disdain for the Ecclesiarchy.

An attendant who works inside the chapel.

Leading Roles

ARDEL MANE – Militant Advance
–  The city announces our arrival with the pouring rain. I take one last look back at the cathedral walls. At its highest levels, the ramparts glisten from the downpour, making the cathedral look clean and smooth. But here, on the ground entering the city, the walls are stained with grime and soot. Handprints grease the tone, left by the people clamouring for deliverance.
– We move against the flow of the faithful. The crowds weave around us, streaming out from their beleaguered jobs at stalls and factories. The basilica grounds are where they can be closer to the Holy Emperor of Mankind. 
– Life was constantly being stirred and torn apart. But you find the moments of joy. Walking to the market. Socializing on the street. That’s where I was when my parents died.
– Our light will never go out.
– [Strangled] Beatrice! Kill.. Him..

BEATRICE DAWN – Novice Advance
– What was it like, sister? Living in the city when you were younger?
– [Panicked] She’s alive. God Emperor, she’s still alive… What do we do!? She’s missing half her face!!
– Do you think the crowds will turn on us? Surely their faith is stronger than fear.
– [Racked with fear] I-i-i.. C-cant…

LEANNA CREST- Sister Superior
You’ve never been outside these walls, Beatrice. Life is not as black and white as it is in the cloister. 
– Don’t be so easily offended. We’re all assured in our faith. Isn’t that right?
– A bird. That’s a good sign.
– I can’t see him! Shoot! Shoot! 

ABIGAIL PIKE – Sororitas Acolyte
Where is your HONOUR? He was a brave man to stand before the people unprotected! You hide behind your tanks and blockades when this city’s salvation lies in FAITH. Do you even believe in His Holy Name?
– Really? When you stepped into this sovereign place, you didn’t even so much make a sign of the aquila.
– [Prayer] May He bless the fighters who stand guard against oblivion. May He curse the aim of our enemies who aim against his servants. Crown us with your vision to see the perils around us.

At last! My speech is done! Here, read it sister. Come-come, sit.
– [Sermon] Citizens. I can barely find the words to express my disgust. You have allowed this taint to circulate for nearly a decade. This failure of community, of the bonds of neighbourly duty, is damning to all who persist in these troubled times.
– They didn’t attack me. They attacked my words. That is unforgivable.
– Attend me, woman.

– There were hundreds of foster children when the neighbourhoods collapsed. I sought to it that they were cared for until they could find adoptive parents or live on their own. 
– They see more than anyone gives them credit. Yes, all sorts of children. Not all of them were good, mind you. But I thought I could use my influence to care for them. I set up orphanages for children… like Ardel… Like Jahkob.
– Education is meant to breed children who better society. What does it say about us that we’ve created a galaxy of murderers, opportunists, and sadists?
– Brilliant boy. Would look at the world like he was working out a puzzle, figuring out how to pull its strings and make people act.

– Most of this universe is death. The tragedy is that people think that they stave it off by huddling together in prayer.
– You’re lying to yourself. You want to forget what they did to us, sister. 
– [Correcting, Threatening] Those people? No. I have come for you.

Oh, you’re not one of them. That’s refreshing. A sister of the people, everyone. What brings you home?
– You know, last week he said that the solution for our children being skinned was to start having more.
– [Following] What WAS that!? We ask for your help and you stampede through the city?!

Supporting Roles

– A real Sister of Battle. I don’t believe it.
– Looks like it’s somewhere between your… fourth and fifth vertebrae?
– Coward? We stood against the Emperor without gods by our side-

– Yes
– Suffer
– Scream for me

– [Struggling] NNH! I n-neeeed it.
– The monsters.

I-I was just trying to keep an eye on things.
– We’re trying to defend ourselves-
– You’re making a mistake. HELP!

Why do you think they’re here? / Daughters of the church / Look at their hair! How strange / Probably here to make us kneel under the pastor’s boot / Stormtroopers of the church. Sickening. / They do nothing for the people.

Craniofacial injuries. 124 foreign objects found in her face.
A fall from that height is going to require multidisciplinary management. We still need to screen her head and spine.
– Sister, sit down!

Voice acting talent of all levels of experience are welcome to audition for COLD OPEN STORIES. Please note that you are expected to have a reasonable quality of audio and environment without noticeable background noise. Please follow the steps below to audition:

  • Step 1: Check the front page of the site to see if there are any open casting calls. If so, record your chosen character dialogue samples.
  • Step 2: Attach one file (mp3 or wav) for each role that you are reading for.
  • Step 3: Attach all audition files in a single email (or google drive link) and send to

Additionally, please include the following information in the body of your email so we can catalogue you for potential:

  • First & Last Name:
  • Gender:
  • Age: (Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Senior)
  • Accents: (global talent is very welcome!)
We review every submission and consider what roles might be a good fit. If you’re not accepted right away, don’t worry. We may have something in the future (we try to tailor our scripts to the strengths of our talent on hand).
Important: Applications submitted through social media will not be accepted. Auditions with a demo reel may be substituted in place of dialogue from the casting call. Please follow steps 2 & 3 of the audition process in this case.