Worlds of the Eldar

Worlds of the Eldar

In the millennia after The War in Heaven, it was the Aeldari Exodites who first foresaw the coming of She Who Thirsts. Plagued by visions, these dissidents predicted the impending doom caused by their people’s hedonism and excess. Exiling themselves from society, they escaped the clutches of Slaanesh and settled upon the fringes of the galaxy – the untamed Maiden Worlds.

What is it?

Cold Open Stories and Lost Legion Studios have partnered together for a series of world premiere events celebrating the Aeldari, or Eldar, within the Warhammer 40,000 fandom.
From September through October, fans can engage in the setting through unofficial award-nominated audio theatre, a unique fanfiction contest, and the release of one of the most highly anticipated xenos animations ever.

The Stories

Agtrill, the Counterfeit Blade
[Audio Drama] On a savage jungle world, the Bonesinger Benneruin and her warrior companion Gontelar survey a seawall interwoven with wraithbone and volcanic stone. The structure is eternal, silent, and as the pair enter it to collect a legendary prize, their journey begins to cross time and space with the mythic War in Heaven.
Maiden Worlds & Exodites
[Fast Fiction Contest] You write the tale. As part of the widely successful Unofficial Warhammer Fast Fiction series, aspiring writers are invited to take part in a new call for submissions. These stories will be collected in a special anthology for the upcoming release of the Exodite (which will include its own tie-in story) and judged by the teams of both partnership groups.
The short version:
  • 1000 Words (it is Fast Fiction, after all)
  • Stories about Exodites interacting with other races
  • The unique nature of Exodite culture
  • The origins of the Maidenworlds (and adventures herein)
  • Must align with Fast Fiction guidelines. Find more details by clicking here.
The Exodite (World Premiere)
[Original Animation] Created by a multinational group of artists, The Exodite brings together the three warring factions of the Imperium’s Astartes, T’au, and Aeldari.

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